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The Harris Family

Ms. Audrey was born and raised in the city of Tuscaloosa, and has always resided in the same home on 16th Street. Her home was built in 1894 and has been passed down from generation to generation. Ms. Audrey has two kids of her own, but she has always taken in and been a caregiver for others in need of her help… (More…)


(View more photos of Ms. Audrey’s house Here)

The Giles Family

Shalare Powell and her husband Nicholas Giles have been approved for a new home by Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa. The home is currently under construction on Juanita Drive in Alberta City. Shalare has two small daughters and wants a safe place for them to live. They currently live in an apartment that is in an unsafe area with a lot of crime and is in need of many repairs. She is a survivor of two natural disasters. The first being Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the second being the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa in 2011… (More…)


(View more photos of Ms. Audrey’s house Here)

The Bagby Family

Joshua and Candy Bagby made Tuscaloosa their home after moving from Sawyerville over 25 years ago. On April 27, 2011, they lived in a home in Juanita Drive in Alberta City, and their home was destroyed completely, taking with it all their possessions. Candy Bagby recalls that terrifying day when she and her family lost the place that had called home for so long. “It was a very scary time,” she says. “I had been hearing reports of bad weather, but didn’t think the storm would be that bad.” After checking the weather reports again, the Bagbys realized that the storm rapidly was approaching, and they immediately took cover inside of their home. When the storm passed, Mrs. Bagby remembers seeing only one wall of the house standing, the roof was gone and the house shifted from its foundation. “I just remember thinking, “Thank God that we are still alive.’” (More…)


(View more photos of the Bagby family’s house Here)

The Beckham Family


​​Kyandra and Shamiya Beckham are both natives of Tuscaloosa. They have 3 children, Omarion age 8, Riah age 5, and Makayla age 2. Both Kyandra and Shamiya work full time to provide for their children. The Beckhams lived on 26th Avenue in Alberta City on April 27, 2011. The family was down the street at Shamiya’s mother’s house when the tornado hit Alberta City and the family took cover there until it passed. Their house was destroyed but the family was unharmed. Shamiya says her faith helped them get through that difficult time. They stayed in a shelter until they could get back on their feet. The Beckhams have always been renters but hoped to one day own their own home. (More…)


(View more photos of the Beckham family’s house Here)

The Bankhead Family


Nikki Bankhead and her husband, Antonie, both were born and raised in the Holt area of Tuscaloosa. They loved Tuscaloosa so much they decided to start their family here. They have two lovely daughters, Ayanna who is 9 and Tajah who is 16. The Bankhead family say they are very fortunate to have survived the April 27th Tornado that struck Tuscaloosa. Even thought they were without power for more than 3 weeks, they thank God for sparing their lives. Their home was severely damaged in the storm causing them to have to relocate to a family member’s vacant home. This temporary home was in a state of disrepair and not safe for their children. (More…)


(View more photos of the Bankhead family’s house Here)


The Horn Family


Sharon Horn has lived for her entire life, except for a few years in Los Angeles, CA. She missed her beloved Alabama, so Sharon returned to Tuscaloosa where she worked in the Tuscaloosa City School System for over 10 years, until health issues forced her to retire. On the morning of April 27th, Sharon was notified that her doctor’s appointment was being cancelled due to the severe weather conditions. This prompted Sharon to go her elderly aunt’s house, as she always did during severe weather. When the clouds cleared and the debris settled, Sharon decided to return to her home to see if there was any damage. Due to the devastation, she was unable to drive to her home, so she walked the several blocks through tons of debris. (More)


(View more photos of the Horn family’s house Here)


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