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The Beckham Family

Kyandra and Shamiya Beckham are both natives of Tuscaloosa. They have 3 children, Omarion age 8, Riah age 5, and Makayla age 2. Both Kyandra and Shamiya work full time to provide for their children.


The Beckhams lived on 26th Avenue in Alberta City on April 27, 2011. The family was down the street at Shamiya’s mother’s house when the tornado hit Alberta City and the family took cover there until it passed. Their house was destroyed but the family was unharmed. Shamiya says her faith helped them get through that difficult time. They stayed in a shelter until they could get back on their feet. The Beckhams have always been renters but hoped to one day own their own home.


Although the Beckhams are living in their new Habitat home located on Juanita Drive in Alberta City, they have not yet closed and need downpayment assistance. The devastating tornado destroyed all their possessions, and they have had to work hard to replace those, starting with only the clothes on their backs after the tornado.


To view more pictures of the Beckham family’s house, please click here.



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