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Roof Replacement

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa is excited to partner with Strengthen Alabama Homes to offer residents of Tuscaloosa, Pickens, Hale, and Greene Counties the opportunity to apply for a new FORTIFIED Roof™.

What is the FORTIFIED Roof™ Program?

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa has partnered with Strengthen Alabama Homes to provide wind mitigation on existing, owner-occupied, single family homes in our service area. Funding for this program comes from the insurance industry. The work completed on your home will meet the FORTIFIED Roof™ standard. For more information about FORTIFIED roofs, visit

What are the benefits of having a FORTIFIED Roof™?

A home with a FORTIFIED Roof™ designation may help you receive a discount on the wind portion of your homeowner’s insurance. A recent study by The University of Alabama shows that homes with a FORTIFIED Roof™ sell for approximately 7% more than homes with a non-FORTIFIED roof.


Please read through the following requirements before requesting an application.



  • My home is located in Greene, Hale, Pickens or Tuscaloosa County



  • My home has a permanent foundation (mobile homes are NOT eligible)

  • My home is structurally sound and in good condition

    • Habitat for Humanity is unable to complete other repairs, including repairs to fascia, soffit, and siding. You will need to find someone else to complete other repairs to your home


  • My name is on the deed to my home

    • You will need a copy of the deed (available at the court house or online for a small fee)

    • You can have a mortgage owed on the property, as long as your name is on the deed

  • You must currently live in the home and it must must be your primary residence


Insurance (Required)

  • My home is covered by a current homeowner’s insurance policy with wind coverage

  • If your home is located in a flood zone: My home is covered by a current flood insurance policy

  • If you have a recent homeowner’s insurance claim: My claim was not related to roof damage or my claim for roof damage is open and has not been paid.

    • Habitat will need more information to determine if you are eligible for the grant

    • You cannot receive an insurance settlement for roof damage and grant money to replace your roof

    • You can, however, pursue both options and then pick the option that is best for you


  • My gross HOUSEHOLD income (before taxes and other deductions) does not exceed the program maximum (see chart to the right)

  • I have documentation of my income (Tax Returns, if required to file and/or benefit letters for Social Security, Retirement, VA Benefits, etc.)



Habitat does not charge an application fee. If you are approved and decide to accept the grant you will be asked to pay the following before work begins:

  • $300 for outside inspections to certify your new roof meets the FORTIFIED standard

  • Any cost to replace your roof that exceeds the $10,000 grant

    • Generally, Habitat gets three bids from qualified contractors and chooses the lowest bid

    • The size and condition of your current roof affect how much it will cost. If your home is large, has several hips and valleys, has a steep pitch or needs decking replaced it may cost more than the grant amount

    • Habitat for Humanity does not offer financing of the overage. However, we have a partnership with a local credit union that may be able to offer you a low-cost loan to cover the overage

    • If you cannot pay the $300 fee plus the overage, you can decline the grant and withdraw from the program



  • Click the button below to request the application packet

  • Complete the applications (there is more than one in the packet!), including having it notarized on the required sections)

  • Mail your completed applications and ALL of the required documents to Habitat for Humanity at the address listed in your packet

  • Be patient! It does take several months to process your application, complete inspections, gets quotes, and get your grant application approved by the state

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