Roof Replacement

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa is excited to partner with Strengthen Alabama Homes to offer residents of Tuscaloosa, Pickens, Hale, and Greene Counties the opportunity to apply for a new FORTIFIED Roof™.

What is the FORTIFIED Roof™ Program?

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa has partnered with Strengthen Alabama Homes to provide wind mitigation on existing, owner-occupied, single family homes in our service area. Funding for this program comes from the insurance industry. The work completed on your home will meet the FORTIFIED Roof™ standard. For more information about FORTIFIED roofs, visit

What are the benefits of having a FORTIFIED Roof™?

A home with a FORTIFIED Roof™ designation may help you receive a discount on the wind portion of your homeowner’s insurance. A recent study by The University of Alabama shows that homes with a FORTIFIED Roof™ sell for approximately 7% more than homes with a non-FORTIFIED roof.

What should I know about the program?

  •  If approved, the grant will cover the cost of a new roof up to $10,000

  •  If the grant award is not enough to cover the cost of the roof replacement,  you will be responsible for the additional cost

  • You must have a current Homeowner’s Insurance Policy with Wind Coverage

  • If you live in a flood zone, you must provide proof of Flood Insurance

  • You must provide a copy of the deed to your home. Mobile homes are NOT eligible

  • In order to qualify, your home should be in good repair. Funds are NOT available to complete other repairs

  • There are income limits for this program (see table to the right)

Are you interested?

Thanks for your interest in the FORTIFIED Roof™ program.

If you would like to request an application, please click the "Request a Roof Application" button below, complete the survey, and wait to hear back from our roof program staff.

It may take several days for your to be contacted.

Please be patient and wait for us to contact you!

Our goal is to reach you within 3-5 business days via provided email.









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