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The HArris Family

Ms. Audrey was born and raised in the city of Tuscaloosa, and has always resided in the same home on 16th Street. Her home was built in 1894 and has been passed down from generation to generation. Ms. Audrey has two kids of her own, but she has always taken in and been a caregiver for others in need of her help.


Ms. Audrey’s mother gave her the house in 1998. Despite the poor condition the antique house was in and the extensive repairs that were needed to be done, Ms. Audrey always made the house her “home, because it was given to [her].” She always wanted to live in that house and couldn’t dream of living anywhere else. Ms. Audrey holds her faith very dearly to her heart, and she always describes her life in her home of having joy and good fortune. Many may not understand Ms. Audrey’s positive attitude during her time of need, but she is always filled with “love and joy” no matter what the state of her physical surroundings are. Her cherished house has always been her dream home.


Ms. Audrey was overjoyed when she heard the news that she would be receiving a Habitat for Humanity house, but never in her wildest dreams did she expect so much love and support from the community and businesses from all over the city of Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa City Council President, Harrison Taylor, says the large number of people who have come forward to volunteer and donate to Ms. Audrey’s house has never happened before in the city of Tuscaloosa. Ms. Audrey is truly “not alone” in this community. The Manderson Graduate School of Business has come together to start the Raise the Roof for Audrey campaign in hopes to raising $50,000 to provide financial mortgage assistance for Ms. Audrey’s new house. Ms. Audrey’s positive outlook on life and constant willingness to help others has proved that good things really do happen for good people. Even in the face of poor living conditions, Ms. Audrey never lost hope. So overjoyed, Ms. Audrey does not know anything else to say but “thanks to everyone” who has come together to help see her new home come to fruition.


To see more pictures of Ms. Audrey’s house, please click here.


We rely on the generosity of individuals, corporations, faith groups & foundations to maximize our impact.

“The heart of a volunteer is not measured by size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Learn more about our home ownership program and see if you qualify for a Habitat for Humanity house. This is the first step toward the rest of your life.

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