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The Bankhead Family

Nikki Bankhead and her husband, Antonie, both were born and raised in the Holt area of Tuscaloosa. They loved Tuscaloosa so much they decided to start their family here. They have two lovely daughters, Ayanna who is 9 and Tajah who is 16.


The Bankhead family say they are very fortunate to have survived the April 27th Tornado that struck Tuscaloosa. Even thought they were without power for more than 3 weeks, they thank God for sparing their lives. Their home was severely damaged in the storm causing them to have to relocate to a family member’s vacant home. This temporary home was in a state of disrepair and not safe for their children.


The family decided to reach out to Habitat for Humanity for help. Waiting patiently was very hard. Nikki talked with the Habitat Staff regularly regarding her application, and finally she received a letter stating her family would be receiving a home of their own. Her eldest daughter thought the acceptance letter was a joke. Saying, “There is no way we are getting a house.” After convincing her daughter that this was the real deal, she says. “I keep that letter in my bible and read it every day. I will no longer have to worry about living in a place that is not all mine, risking the chance of being asked to leave.”


Nikki and Antonie look forward to having a solid foundation for their children – to provide a place to call their own where they can live their happily ever after.


To view more pictures of the Bankhead family’s house, please click here.



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