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The Horn Family

Sharon Horn has lived for her entire life, except for a few years in Los Angeles, CA. She missed her beloved Alabama, so Sharon returned to Tuscaloosa where she worked in the Tuscaloosa City School System for over 10 years, until health issues forced her to retire.


On the morning of April 27th, Sharon was notified that her doctor’s appointment was being cancelled due to the severe weather conditions. This prompted Sharon to go her elderly aunt’s house, as she always did during severe weather.


When the clouds cleared and the debris settled, Sharon decided to return to her home to see if there was any damage. Due to the devastation, she was unable to drive to her home, so she walked the several blocks through tons of debris. Sharon remembers saying to herself as she was walking, “My house is OK. I have enough faith in God that he wouldn’t take my house away.” However, once she arrived home, much to her dismay, her home was totally destroyed. Being the God fearing woman she is, she immediately thanked God for saving her life.

Since the storm, Sharon has been living with family members. She stayed with her daughter for a while. She also lived with a cousin for over a year. “I’ve always wanted a place of my own,” Sharon says, “and I knew God would provide it.” She often cares for her grandchildren while their mother is at work.


One day, her daughter told her about the Habitat for Humanity Program and helped her apply. “The day I got the letter that said I was approved, was one of the happiest days of my life!” says Sharon. “This will be the first time I have ever owned a home of my own. I’m so grateful and thankful to God and Habitat for Humanity!”


Sharon moved into her new Habitat home in July 2013. Although she has had severe health problems, she completed all her sweat equity hours. Just after she moved in, she fostered 6 children whose mother was not able to care for them. They stayed with her full time for several weeks, greatly straining her already difficult financial situation. The children now stay with Mrs. Horn on the weekends, although they live with their mother during the week.


Mrs. Horn has been in the hospital twice since July. The cost of caring for the foster children and of her mounting medical bills has compounded the financial difficulty she has experienced since the April 27, 2011 tornado destroyed all her possessions. Downpayment assistance would help her close on her home and lower her monthly payments.


To view more pictures of the Horn family’s house, please click here.




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Learn more about our home ownership program and see if you qualify for a Habitat for Humanity house. This is the first step toward the rest of your life.

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