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Prepare to purchase a home

How to Prepare

  • Maintain a steady, reliable income

    •  Changing jobs right before you apply for a mortgage may make it harder to qualify

  • Review your credit report

    • You can obtain a free copy of your three (3) credit reports at

    • All of your open accounts should show recent, positive payment history

    • Contact creditors to pay off or set up a payment plan on any collections

    • Loans that you co-sign for others are included in your debts

    • Student loans (even those in deferment) are included in your debts. You will be asked to provide an estimated payment from your loan servicer.

  • Take a homebuyer education course

  • Start saving for the down payment

  • Gather your important documents. You may be asked for the following documents:

    • Last two years of tax returns if you have employment or self-employment income

    • Most recent three (3) months of paystubs and/or benefit letters

    • Most recent two (2) months of bank statements

    • Social security cards for all household members

    • Photo ID for all adult household members


Resources for prospective homebuyers

  • Want to check your credit? Habitat for Humanity does not have a minimum credit score. However, we strongly suggest you review your credit report before you apply to check for errors or collections that need to be paid off. You can obtain a free copy of your report at

  • To learn more about credit reports and scores, visit Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/credit report 

  • Need help creating and sticking to a budget? Visit Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/budgeting for tips on creating and sticking to a monthly budget.

  • Take a homebuyer education course.

    • HomeFirst is a financial wellness initiative offered by The University of Alabama’s Center for Community-based Partnerships for individuals and families who are on the path to first-time homeownership. Visit to learn more and request a meeting.​

    • Your bank or credit union may offer free homebuyer or financial education courses

    • HUD-certified housing counseling may be available near you or online


How long will it take to move-in to my home?

Purchasing a home through Habitat’s Homeownership Program generally takes

one (1) – two (2) years. Habitat does not offer any emergency or temporary housing.

Where will my home be built?

Habitat is always looking for affordable land in Tuscaloosa County. Where your home is built will be determined by the lots we have available at that time. The majority of our property is in West End area of Tuscaloosa.

Can Habitat build on my land?

Yes! We can build on your land as long as you have clear title and the land meets our other criteria. 

What size homes do you build?

Habitat homes are typically two (2) to four (4) bedroom homes that range from approximately 900 sq. feet to 1,400 sq. feet. House size is usually based on your family size.


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