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OPEration transformation

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa is known for building new homes and repairing existing homes. You may have seen the beautiful neighborhood of mostly Habitat homes built on Juanita Drive in the Alberta community. Prior to the tornado, Juanita Drive was the center of much of the criminal activity in the City of Tuscaloosa. Now, it is a place where neighbors know one an­other and children play together outside.​

Habitat Tuscaloosa plans to build two new neighborhoods in West End. Milestone will have 32 homes built on land south of 29th Street, and Westgrove will have 25 homes built north of Kaulton Park. These neighborhoods, combined with several other new home sites in the immediate area, will enable over 70 families to become Habitat homeown­ers, purchasing their homes at fair market value through 0% interest, 30 year mortgages, and investing at least 250 hours of each homeowner's labor.


Through a new, innovative program called Operation Transformation, Habitat Tuscaloosa will utilize these construction sites to train students of the construction trades from the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy (TCTA), and help students in the “Jump Start” program at Skilled Trades of West Alabama learn general construction skills.  These students will help our community build and expand in residential and commercial construction for generations to come.

In May 2021 TCTA students helped frame and install “Smart House” electrical wiring for the 18th National Championship House sponsored by Nick’s Kids.  TCTA’s carpentry, electrical, and plumbing students will work on several houses during the 2021-22 school year, and TCTA students from other disciplines (like culinary arts, agriculture, and broadcast media) also will participate in various ways.  Skilled Trades of West Alabama participants will begin later in 2022.

Here are three of the many benefits of this program. First, over the next 5-7 years, 70 low income individuals and fami­lies will have the opportunity to build generational assets and stability through Habitat home ownership and will have a safe, affordable place to live. Over 90% of Habitat homeowners are employed, so most of these homes will be affordable, work force housing. Second, youth and young adults will be trained in high-demand construction job skills and trades desperately need­ed in the local market and beyond. Most of these students are at-risk youth. Third, one of Tuscaloosa's geographically identified "Racially or Ethnically Concentrated Areas of Poverty" will receive an influx of high quality, affordable, owner-occu­pied Habitat homes. With the influx of new homes and residents, the likelihood that new busi­nesses - grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc. - will move into the area is much greater. These businesses also will provide employment opportunities to nearby residents. The City of Tuscaloosa has selected the area in which these lots are located for revitalization.

To make Operation Transformation a reality, Habitat Tuscaloosa needs funds to build the 70 homes and to train young people. We hope you will seriously consider joining our partnership by donating generously toward Operation Transformation. Everything we hope to accomplish hinges on raising these funds. 

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Please Join Our List of Committed Partners of Operation Transformation:

Alabama Power Foundation

Builders Group

Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama 

City of Tuscaloosa


Holle Family Foundation

Home Builders Association of Tuscaloosa

Jackson Security Services

Mercedes - Benz U.S. International

Premier Service Company

Publix Super Markets Charities

Skilled Trades of West Alabama


Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy

Tuscaloosa City Schools

Tuscaloosa County Commission

TTL, Inc.

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