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ALABAMA certified lead abatement firms

Firms must be accredited with UA SafeState and the Alabama Department of Public Health as a lead renovator, lead designer and/or abatement firm. To learn more about lead training and the certification process in Alabama, visit UA SafeState

Certified firms must submit an application and all necessary documentation to Habitat prior to consideration. Click the link

below for the eligible lead abatement contactor application.

LEGAL NOTICE: Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa is requesting bids from Alabama certified lead abatement firms as part of the City of Tuscaloosa’s Lead Hazard Abatement Program (LHAP), funded by a grant from the Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes, to abate 125 residential units for lead-based paint during the next three years. This is a request for lead abatement contractors and lead designers to perform lead abatement services on residences which have been selected and inspected as part of the City’s LHAP.


The scope of services shall include certified lead abatement firm(s) that have the knowledge, experience and expertise to perform the services as requested.

The selected firm(s) must be accredited with the Alabama Department of Public Health as a lead renovator, lead designer and/or abatement firm; have experience managing residential construction projects; determine which activities will require lead hazard controls and/or lead abatement and perform the same; have sufficient personnel to complete the required tasks and complete the required tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Firms must comply with all applicable state, local and federal regulations related to the services provided, in accordance with HUD regulations, including 24 CFR 35; US Occupational Safety and Health Administration: 29 CRF 1926; and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 40 CFR 745.

Habitat reserves the right, subject to negotiation and agreement, in writing with the selected firm(s), to either expand or limit the scope of services as needed.


To be considered, firms must have had the required training and submit proof of current Alabama lead abatement certifications, contractor and business licenses, W-9, SAM registration, and DUNS number. Firms must also provide an ACORD insurance certificate (COI) showing current comprehensive liability coverage. The certificate shall name Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa as the certificate holder. Firms are responsible for keeping all certificates, licenses and permits updated and on file with Habitat.


As this will be an ongoing project, eligible firms should visit this page regularly and check email for reminders when new jobs are posted. 

Firms will create bids based on provided Reports/Scope of Work documents prepared by a certified Lead Designer, taking into consideration materials, labor, worker safety, regulations, and clean up related to the services provided.


Contractors are expected to complete work in a timely manner, cooperate with homeowners, and meet deadlines. Lead clearance inspections must be passed for jobs to be considered complete and for payment. Contractors will be required to sign an agreement with Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa outlining specifications and expectations.


Postings will consist of groups of residences and will have Scope(s) of Work posted with redacted address and personal information. Contractors will submit bids via email. Bids not received by the deadline date will not be considered.

Jobs will be awarded to firms that submit the lowest reasonable bid with consideration given to staffing, experience, previous performance, and availability.



Bids must be e-mailed to on or before the specified deadline date, in reproducible format with a file extension of pdf. Bids submitted on the deadline date shall be received no later than 5:00 PM. Contact: Stephanie Hickman, Lead Program Coordinator        205-349-4629 Ext 104

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